About us

Who we are?
Our energy

i-charging is a technology company focusing on electric vehicle charging infrastructure. ​

We develop innovative hardware and software solutions that optimize our customer’s operations, smooth user experience and the electric grid utilization.

​ Our team is composed of experienced professionals who have gathered years of expertise, providing in-depth knowledge in the sector, both on technology and market.

​ We want to be a global reference in the e-mobility sector , providing a distinctive offer and generating value for the community.

Meet the team

The Board
Alberto Barbosa
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Pedro Moreira da Silva
Board member and CEO
Diogo Chalbert Santos
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
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Our vision, mission and values
What makes us electrified

To be a charging technology reference for e-mobility

Offer the market infrastructure solutions for the electric mobility of excellence, thus contributing to the sustainability of road mobility.

Generating value for the multiple stakeholders: shareholders, employees, business partners and all community.


We need it in everything we do. There is nothing better than passion for moving us.


We believe in building a better, greener world. We want to help to make the switch.


We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving. We never stop.


We work to earn the trust of our clients. Our goal is excellence in products and operations.


We are communicative, honest, ethical and fair. People can count on us.


We provide personal and professional development. We promote well-being at work and balance with personal lives.

Our Business
Spreading the energy

We wish to contribute to the mass adoption of EVs, and since Fast Charging is a crucial element for it to happen, we looked at how we can combine our core technical skills with our passion for building new, disruptive solutions.

So i-charging was born from the vision to innovate in an already innovative sector.

We believe that new approaches can bring investment optimization, better infrastructure utilization, unlimited scalability, intelligent management, integration with different power sources, renewables and energy storage, improved interface and better user interaction .

That is why we could only be i-charging!

Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy materializes our Vision, Mission and Values.

We want to be a global reference in the e-mobility sector, providing a distinctive offer to our Customers and generating value for our shareholders, our personnel, our business partners and all the community and meeting the applicable legal and contractual requirements.

To achieve excellence in our Products and in our Operations, we focus on the continuous improvement of our processes, supported by adequate tools and systems.


Code of Conduct for Suppliers


General Purchasing Conditions (PT | EN)
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